kliptank storage tanks for water and effluent and other liquids


About Kliptank™ Ltd.

The “Kliptank©” was invented by Tauranga based Neil Peterken in 2007. His objective was to develop a liquid storage product that:

  • would pack onto a 1200 x 2400 pallet
  • could be cross stacked into an ISO container
  • could be manufactured cheaply, maybe using recycled plastic
  • would be able to be transported on a small truck or car trailer
  • could be assembled quickly and by unskilled labour without sophisticated tools
  • is durable, withstanding Ultra Violet rays
  • was a design that could easily give a variance of diameters, heights and volumes
  • would meet Regional Council requirements for environmentally friendly dairy farm effluent storage system

Since 2007 Kliptank Limited has taken these ideas and devised a unique modular storage tank which is able to hold numerous products from wheat to water in various size tanks. Because of its unique design, tanks can be made to suit specific storage requirements from 30,000 litres to 3,000,000 litres. The design allows the same components to be used no matter what the tank size. The Kliptank is a kitset tank, it can be transported to any site with ease and a standard tank can be erected within days.

Kliptank© gained a New Zealand Patent #560570 with world wide patents pending.

In the last two years Kliptank Ltd. has provided an above ground effluent storage solution to dairy farmers with the two metre high effluent tank. The above ground tank is especially suitable on wet soil types or farms with a high water table where an in ground pond with liner would be lifted upwards due to hydraulic action or gas build up (hippo or whaling effect as seen in this picture).

whaling or hippo action in an in ground pond due to a high water table or ground gases
whaling or hippo action in an in ground pond due to a high water table or ground gases


Kliptank Ltd. has a head office in Tauranga and two South Island representatives. Please refer to Contacts and call us for more information, pricing and a free onsite inspection.


Kliptank manufacture quick to insatll effluent tanks and water tanks
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