kliptank storage tanks for water and effluent and other liquids


Kliptankā„¢ Effluent Tanks

To be compliant 365 days of the year a dairy farm needs to have an effluent storage facility in which effluent can be stored until soil conditions allow irrigation to the effluent block.

Kliptank Ltd. manufactures and installs exactly this...an above ground farm dairy effluent storage tank.


Why a Kliptank and not a pond?

Kliptanks can be sited anywhere provided a flat platform can be established.

Kliptanks are ideal for effluent storage on peat and other high water table soil conditions.

Kliptanks make it easy and inexpensive to install a leak detection system if your Council requires one.

Kliptanks are much safer than ponds and the wire ropes can be electrified to keep the most determined child out of danger.

Kliptanks are quicker to install onsite (1 - 7 days)

Kliptanks are aesthetically attractive. Not an unsightly green hole in the ground.

Kliptanks have a smaller foot print (Straight wall. No batter required)

Kliptanks offer more flexibility for stirring including our own KlipJet Oxy Aerator Stirring system.

Kliptank Engineering/design completed and paid for by Kliptank Ltd.

Kliptanks can be covered to allow for collection of Methane Gas or to eliminate the rain catchment area.

Kliptanks can be covered at a later date

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Kliptank 880,000 Effluent Tank
Kliptank Effluent Tank 880,000L

A versatile effluent tank that can use a variety of stirrers
A versatile effluent tank that can use a variety of stirrers

Effluent Tank for effluent storage
These tanks are designed to store dairy farm effluent or other similar waste liquids.

Effluent Storage Tank
The effluent tanks are constructed to allow for a roof to be fitted at installation or at a later date if required.

Kliptank Effluent Tank with floating roof
Kliptank Effluent Tank 1,760,122 L with floating roof cover.


Kliptank manufacture quick to insatll effluent tanks and water tanks
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