kliptank storage tanks for water and effluent and other liquids


Kliptank™ People

Neil Peterken
Neil is the inventor of the Kliptank and is still very much involved as in-house technical expert and a company director.  Neils engineering skills gained as a marine engineer and in the road transport industry are assisting Kliptank to stay ahead of the game.  New development projects for Kliptank include Methane Digesters, and civil projects as Trickle Tanks for Waste Water Treatment.


Neil Peterken invented and patented the KLIPTANK 5 years agoNeil Peterken invented and patented the Kliptank 5 years ago.

Simone Gibson - General Manager
Simone has been with Kliptank through its development from home office invention stage to now managing the company of 19 staff and progressive growth year on year. It has been an exciting journey to be a part of and to see the growth potential for the company in new developments and product is really exciting.

Simone Gibson - General Manager Kliptank
Simone Gibson - General Manager of Kliptank

Ian Jamieson – North Island Sales Engineer
Ian is based in our Tauranga office and has a vast engineering background.  Ian has a very sound technical knowledge of all things Kliptank and enjoys providing full solutions for farm effluent storage.

Ian Jamieson North Island sales engineer for Kliptank
Ian Jamieson - North Island Sales Engineer
Kliptank manufacture quick to insatll effluent tanks and water tanks
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