kliptank storage tanks for water and effluent and other liquids

Hamish Judd - Dannevirke

Kliptank are really easy to work with. You just make the decision and they make things happen. The tanks go up really quickly. The installer team arrives on site and they have their game plan all sorted. The tank was up in just two days and it looked great. It just blended into the farm.


Daniel Cammock - Dannevirke

Overall I am very happy with Kliptank. The service has been great, the tank went up easy, and the system is working really well and we’re already seeing the benefits. Having the tank has been great. It fitted in really well with our operation. During calving we just filled the tank and didn’t even worry about irrigation. Later in the spring we started irrigating and it was really easy as well and the staff love it. We’ve really noticed an improvement in how the grass grows with the low rate irrigation. And the best thing is that the paddock can be back in rotation in just 7-10 days compared with 2-3 weeks prior to the new system. Our whole system has improved and managing the effluent is easier than ever. Horizon’s love it. We’re completely off their radar.


Brett Sterritt - Atiamuri

The Kliptank provided a fantastic addition to our effluent storage and disposal operation. The tank has become one of the key tools in helping staff to manage the effluent irrigation. No worries about compliance now!


Jet Lawrence - Eketahuna

The tank looks even better than I expected it would, and it really looks like it is there to do the job. At first I thought the name sounded like the tank might be a bit sort of rickety. But they’re actually very sturdy. I’ve had a lot positive comments from my neighbours about how good the tank looks. It really surprised me how quick the installation I was. Literally, one day the tank wasn’t there, and by the end of the first day it was! The process was really easy and everything happened on time.


Warwick Kent - Southland

Wet soils and a high water table prevented us going in ground. A Kliptank solved a major problem and has given us peace of mind, ease of management and the weekends off!


Kliptank manufacture quick to insatll effluent tanks and water tanks
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