kliptank storage tanks for water and effluent and other liquids


Kliptankā„¢ Links

http://www.interfacechemistry.co.nz/anaerobic-digestion.html - Shane Carter is an expert in anaerobic digestion.

http://www.agstuff.co.nz - See our page on AG Stuff

http://www.dairynz.co.nz/page/pageid/2145861521/Effluent - farming resource centre

http://www.waterforce.co.nz/ - WaterForce supply, install and service a complete range of water management and irrigation products.

http://www.yardmaster-pumps.com/ - Designed to handle those difficult liquid / solid combinations.

http://www.hitechenviro.co.nz/ - Talk to the team that has been at the forefront of the Dairy Effluent industry for over 15 years.


Kliptank manufacture quick to insatll effluent tanks and water tanks
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