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Kliptankā„¢ Methane Digester

Kliptank Limited have an exciting new project underway with the development of a Biogas  (methane) system to collect the methane gas given off from organic waste (dairy effluent). The capture and burning of methane is not new and has been attempted in New Zealand before.  What is new is that Kliptank Ltd. with the use of a Kliptank as a digester, has reduced the capital cost of methane production significantly making it viable for individual farms to produce their own methane to run a generator to supply electricity to the dairy shed.  If New Zealand follows Australia, carbon credits may also become available because of the reduction in gas omission. 

Kliptank are currently conducting trials on a new Bio digester for Dairy Farmers.

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Kliptanks being used to store fire
Kliptank Methane Digester

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