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R.I.P. to Skipper our Kliptank Mascot for nearly 7 years

IMG 20191213 193042

In October 2021 Skipper arrived at the pearly gates.  He had been with us at Kliptank for almost 7 years and had shared many offices in his time. He chewed through many toys he had been given, made us all laugh, loved sitting on Hylton's lap especially, and absolutely loved his field trips out on the road with his Mum, Fiona.

His biggest claim to fame over those years was leaving a 'parcel' on the top of the steps outside our retired Director, Neil Peteken's office after a very long meeting we had with a closed door.  He was on the outside!  He was also remembered for inviting a farm dog into the company car through the window who had just waded in cow pooh.  Noice :-)

R.I.P. little buddy.  You will be remembered along with Ure, our other company dog for a long time.